Herand, not just one of those villages!

It is with great pleasure that I’m taking the opportunity to write about our village. A village that has “captured” me, in the first place because of its beautiful surroundings. The first time I drove into Herand, coming from Utne, it was love at first sight. Peacefully situated in the bay, with views over the fiord and the mountains in the background, with a well maintained landscape, it is just beautiful.
In 2008 Herand won the landscape price, both at provincial and national level, this not without reason of course. The farmers and other landowners work hard to keep the landscape well maintained, and it shows.
There is also something special about the approximately 200 inhabitants. Because of its isolated location for many centuries (the road to Jondal was opened only in 1965) the community spirit is strong, without being overpowering. One will never call upon someone else in vain; you’ll find “proof” of that in the annual “vårdugnad” (spring cleaning): on the last Saturday in April about 75 people will take up their tools and work for the village during that day, doing tasks like painting, pruning, tidying, mending winter damage to the walking tracks, etc., plus having dinner together in the village chapel at noon (rice porridge, with coffee and pastry for desert) and the village is ready again for the coming summer.
Is there something to experience? Certainly! First of all the surrounding nature and the repose. Further you’ll find a flourishing social club life (please look under “Lag og organisasjoner”) with many activities. At the moment (spring 2009) we are working at building an exhibition about the history of the village (going back in time 9000 years) and the landscape, “kulturstien” (a magnificent walking track with information panels about nature and culture), the development of several new walking tracks, the historic sawmill (“oppgangssaga”, water driven) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, there is a museum where you can learn all about the boatbuilding history of Herand (“Båtbyggjarmuseum”), rock carvings from the bronze age (“helleristningar”), we have a pizza restaurant in the summer, we hope to find again someone who can run the kiosk at the marina this summer (a perfect opportunity to learn all about Herand; maybe something for you?), fishing, canoeing, cycling (canoes and bicycles for hire) and last but not least all the friendly people, all willing to help to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Hope to see you soon in Herand!

Arjen L.H. Stolk / Tre Tradisjon Herand